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Dealing with back pain or pain from a work-related injury can be difficult. If you need chiropractic services to help manage your pain, consider making an appointment at Collision Chiropractors. We have years of experience helping residents in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas work through their injuries and achieve a better quality of life.

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Don't wait until your pain is too much to bear. It's important to address injuries early before they result in bigger issues down the road. If you need help following a work-related injury or car accident, reach out to us. We offer:

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What makes Collision Chiropractors your best choice?

When you need chiropractic adjustment services, turn to the best. Residents of the Phoenix, AZ area come to us for all their chiropractic needs because:

Our clinicians have over 75 years of combined experience

We can attend to clients any day of the week

We use specialized diagnostic tools to assess injuries

We create custom treatment and recovery plans for each client

We have multiple offices throughout the Tucson and Phoenix area

Our offices work closely with local attorneys who represent clients in work-related injury cases. Call us at 602-368-4089 now to arrange for the chiropractic services you need.