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Did You Fall Down the Stairs?

Schedule slip and fall chiropractic care services in Phoenix, AZ or surrounding areas

Falling on a hard surface can cause all kinds of physical damage. Luckily, Collision Chiropractors offers slip and fall injury treatment in Phoenix, AZ and surroundings. Whether you fell walking on an uneven surface or you took a tumble while roller skating, we've got you covered. Our chiropractor will create a custom recovery plan just for you.

Arrange for slip and fall chiropractic care services by calling us at 602-368-4089 now.

Still on the fence about setting up a visit with our chiropractor?

Check out these potential benefits of getting slip and fall injury treatment:

  • It can alleviate trauma and pain in your bones and muscles
  • It can realign your pelvis, neck and spice
  • It can help you manage ligament and joint paint

We'll do everything we can to help you get back in tiptop shape. Contact us today to schedule slip and fall chiropractic care services.